com-pound → Hey! I've heard there is a steampunk book with a Poc woman main character, which operates on a universe where europe colonised africa rather than spain, could you direct me toward it? :)

I’ve never heard of this book! Followers, got an answer?


Is it Cold Magic? I’ve read this book and I recommend it highly but I don’t remember if that’s one of changes made in that universe.

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  1. delladilly said: it sounds like cold magic!
  2. barbotrobot said: I’m sorry what? Where Spain colonized Africa instead of South America? Where Europe colonized Africa instead of America? When did Europe colonize spain? What goes on in that sentence?
  3. tildrum said: Yeah this sounds like Cold Magic.
  4. piginpetticoats said: is this cold magic??
  5. sumayyahdaud said: she might be thinking of cold magic by kate elliot?
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